Editorial Workshop

Nov 5, 2017 in Toronto, Ontario

Are you looking to learn more about the world of editorial styling?
This two part course will give you everything you need to capture the eye of agents, models, and clients so that you can reach your full potential!!

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Morning theory segment:

MATTHEW COLLINS has shot covers for Elle and Fashion magazines and has been featured in Vogue, and W magazines. He will share his ten-year journey from working in a small-town salon to working as a full-time editorial stylist! Alongside him, ANNA BARSEGHIAN who has been featured in ZInk and Flare magazines and also works for advertising companies such as Roots and The Room will talk about her editorial journey, as well.
They will explore:
• what you need to know to get to the top
• the absolute essential tools and products you need in your kit
• how to best prep and set hair to achieve the maximum number of looks and to save time on set.
• what it means to be an editorial stylist in 2017

TARA BARTOLINI (agent and social media specialist) with B&M Model Management will talk us through all things models.
• how do you find the perfect model for your shoot?
• how do you connect with an agency to get top pick of their models? and
• what not to do on set to if you want a good relationship with the agencies

BILLIE CHIASSON Is one of Toronto’s best portrait and fashion photographers. Her work has been featured in countless Canadian and International fashion publications and she’s eager to share her insider knowledge with you.
• what are the top tricks to make hair come alive in front of the camera?
• what do I need to know about lighting set-ups when styling hair?
• how do I approach a photographer about working with them?

DIANA CARRELLI, owner and agent at Canada’s leading boutique artist agency, Page 1 Artist Management, will answer these questions and more!
• What are the top paying jobs and how do I get them?
• What are agents looking for in a stylist?
• What can I do today to get noticed by an agency?

We also have top celebrity and editorial makeup artists BREE COLLINS and ANNA BARSEGHIAN sharing their unique and honest perspectives on how to get ahead in the industry. They will teach you how to build and work with a mood board, important on-set courtesies, and their favourite products to have on set.

Morning segment: $500

Breakfast starts @ 8:30, class begins @ 9:00 sharp, and finishes @ 1:00 pm
(Hands-on workshop is available to 20 stylists after lunch for an additional charge.)


Afternoon HANDS-ON segment: $750
The class will run from 1:45 pm–7:00 pm. All meals are provided.

It’s hard to get an agent to meet with you to look over your book so it’s imperative that your book is full of winners! Diana Carelli will review your book in detail to give you the edge and catch the agent’s eye.
If you don’t have a book we can review your Instagram account or you can just follow along to learn where to begin. We can all learn from each other.

It used to be that your “book” was all that mattered but now your Instagram account is just as important. Find out why.
We will show you how to make your profile eye-catching and help you clean up your account so that it can start booking you real jobs!

You will be provided with an agency represented model and a mood board to get your creative juices flowing. A make-up artist will be on hand to finish the look.

Together with our founders Justin, Shawna, Anna, Matthew, and Bree, you will shoot your look with two different industry-leading photographers so you get maximum experience and see how a different eye can really vary the results.

After the class you will receive one retouched image from each photographer to use in your book!
(Additional images may be purchased from the photographer directly at a later date.)

We will also have a behind-the-scenes photographer to catch you in action so you have some great content for your social!
Come be a good one!


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